Department of Architecture & Landscape, Kingston School of Art

Kingston @ Duravit

Kingston is interested in what it takes to make thoughtful work in the built environment today. It shares belief in architecture and landscape as a continuum of cultural thinking and its studios marry exceptional students to leaders working in practice and in the academy, encompassing a diverse range of positions as befits the contemporary context of pluralistic practice. The work in its show demonstrates that a school does not need to get lost in esoterica or avoid the real practical issues at the heart of the architectural discipline to produce beautiful and poetic work. The deparment’s ‘Register’ podcasts, recorded conversations with visitors to the department, have reached 26,000 listeners since their launch a year ago.

The work of Kingston students will be on show during Blueprint for the Future at Duravit, 36–42 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5PS.